Still Lifes

Drawings and paintings of still life scenes in a variety of settings. This is from a series of three drawings I did from photographs I took of apples fallen from a tree on the back porch. This little butterfly landed on the apples just as I was beginning to take pictures.

This is also part of the "unreconciled keys" series.

The keys are something I've been adding to certain drawings over the last few years. I have a hard time parting with keys that I find laying around the house. I find myself wondering if they fit a lock I'm still using somewhere. I'll inevitably try the keys in all the locks I can find, but when they don't fit anything I throw them in a container for safe-keeping. Once I had accumulated a handful of these keys, I wondered why I hadn't just thrown them away. I'm not a hoarder, and I don't generally hang onto odd objects for no reason. But I had a hard time parting with the keys. And then I remembered the song "Souvenirs" from the album of the same name by Dan Fogelberg: "And here is the key to a house far away, where I used to live as a child. They tore down the building when I moved away, and left the key unreconciled." I realized that I had the same feeling about these keys that he describes in that song--each one represents a loose end, an unreconciled place or object that is now separated from the thing that can unlock it. So every now and then an image I'm working on will seem to call out for the keys in some way, usually connected to the place or object that I am drawing being unreconciled in my own life some way. Whenever these keys show up in one of my pieces it is a reference to one of those unreconciled events.