Ceilon teaches art classes to kids of all ages (K-12 and adults) through BozeArts.

BozeArts’ mission is to provide student-centered art instruction for students of all ages (beginning with Kindergarten) with an emphasis on skills development and a classical approach to learning Art. BozeArts empowers students to create artwork that they can be proud of, and helps them to really feel they have accomplished something important. That is best facilitated by laying the necessary groundwork for skills development, one building block at a time (drawing comes before painting, basic elements of design comes before sculpture, etc.). Learn more about the BozeArts philosophy of Art education on the BozeArts Philosophy page.

K-12 students are welcome any day Monday-Friday from 3:30-5:00pm. Adults are welcome any Tuesday or Thursday 7-9pm. Check the Calendar for a class that looks interesting to you, or just drop by! Drop-ins are welcome for any class! We are open every day except these days. Join us!