Floral Notecards

Click on these links to see other notecard collections. All notecards are 4.25″ x 5.5″ bifold and come with an envelope.

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Tempest in a Tulip Patch Pink Magnolia Can you keep a secret?
Tempest_in_a_Tulip_Patch Spacer_4 Pink_Magnolia Spacer_4 Can_You_Keep_A_Secret
Individual Cards = $2.00  Spacer_2 Individual Cards = $2.00 Spacer_2 Individual Cards = $2.00

Box of 10 cards = $12.00   Spacer_2 Box of 10 cards = $12.00 Spacer_2 Box of 10 cards = $12.00

Box of 10 cards, 3 of each image plus one extra = $12.00

If you purchase a total of 10 cards from any of the collections, I will box them for you as a set, and adjust the price accordingly (10 for $12). You will receive a refund for the difference and PayPal will send you a refund notice. Any number of cards above 10 that do not total 10 will be charged to you at the regular price of $2 each.